Watters Wedding Dresses

With over thirty years of experience under its sleeves, Watters Bridal crafts timeless clothing featuring romantic and whimsical designs for brides who have a knack for the latest bridal trends.

Watters Wedding Dresses

With over thirty years of experience under its sleeves, Watters Bridal crafts timeless clothing featuring romantic and whimsical designs for brides who have a knack for the latest bridal trends. Known for being ethereal, dramatic, and extraordinary, Watters wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses from the exclusive bridal couture collections are also known for the approachable price points.

As a to-be bride, you might be worried about not finding the exact wedding dress available at shops that you have always had in your mind while growing up and have been intricately saving the latest designer wedding dress sketches on your Pinterest board since he popped the question. A wedding dress that suits you and your personality, and makes you the showstopper that you have always wanted to be can only be designed by the most creative minds who understand your dreams, ideas, and visions. A designer wedding dress is therefore considered to be a projection of one's personality and a way to express oneself. Whether you have been dreaming about sauntering down the aisle, looking like a red carpet celebrity or you have always wanted a low-key and classic wedding look, a bridal designer will always understand your ideas about the perfect and dream wedding dress, that is not only made in a standardized way and but also is crafted to reflect your unique personality. 

One of the most celebrated names in the bridal couture industry around the world, Watters creates designer bridal dresses that are inspired by the beauty and romance of a wedding day. Known for anticipating the latest bridal trends, Watters wedding gowns have been around as a loved and adored name in the bridal fashion and couture industry for more than 32 years. The whimsical and romantic wedding gown collection is known for being gorgeous and capricious, crafted intricately with airy and luxe fabrics. The dramatic necklines and dreamy silhouettes can flatter brides of unique personalities, various shapes, and sizes while fitting them like a glove and hugging them at the most appropriate places.

Watters- the beginning

Started in the year 1988, Watters bridal couture company was started by Vatana Watters, after designing custom made dresses for herself along with her friends and family, who came to her looking for dresses that did not feel like a cookie-cutter. Vatana Watters was born in Thailand, and then she moved to the US at the age of 7. She lived her entire life in New York and Los Angeles, where she was schooled and inspired, and eventually graduated from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in the year 1985. In 1986, she uprooted and moved to Dallas with her sister Neiman Marcus, to pursue her own custom bridesmaids business and became the first national retailer to carry Watters's designs. 

With a vision to create dresses that are truly unique and stand out from the rest, Watters started up a company by the same name with the rest of our family joining in, with a goal to create dresses that are primarily projected on versatility, comfort, style, drama, and individuality. The custom-made Watters designer wedding dresses quickly became a hit and the daring and bold pieces of designer dresses quickly became a red carpet favorite for many celebrities. For brides and bridesmaids looking for truly unique bridal gowns and designer dresses, Watters wedding gowns are not going to disappoint that come in a full range of colors, sizes, and shapes. The exclusive inclusivity that is presented by Watters designer bridal gowns is truly incredible and makes it one of the most celebrated bridal couture companies around the world.

Some businesses are born in garages and cocktail napkin sketches, but that wasn't the case with Watters bridal couture company, as it was started and inspired by peer pressure. What started as a few handmade special occasion dresses for friends and family in California, spiraled and bloomed to be known as one of the most popular wedding gown designers in the history of bridal fashion by the late 80s. She is married to Steve, who is a landscape designer by profession, and together they have a daughter known as Sydney who has a knack for fashion and has joined hands with her mother. In the year 2017, Sydney Watters Dunbar joined as the style director in her mother's business. With an innate sense of the vision and mission of Watters wedding dress designer brand, teamed with her sense for millennial style, Sydney has been working elbow to elbow with the design team and has been setting the right tone and giving the best creative direction for each collection from the house of Watters bridal fashion brand. 

Watters bridal couture collections have become a household name for every bride who is looking to find a wedding dress that can speak a million words for her unique personality and dynamic sense of style. Considering that every bride is unique and what is not important to one bride might be paramount to another, Watters bridal gowns are inspired by real brides who choose the right words to describe their big day. It takes an innate understanding to know that if a bride needs a simple wedding gown that is already existing in their collection or a totally different look altogether that she might fall in love with. In contemporary times because of the unique vision and mission of this amazing wedding brand designer, Watters bridal gowns are listed everywhere from California to London to Sao Paulo. Even though they are global, each wedding dress is crafted with love from their creative minds in their home base in Dallas, Texas. 

Watters- style & inspiration

The creative team of bridal fashion artists from Watters designers are ardent fashionistas who love to pick up the latest bridal trends, understand the unique needs of a bride, throw in their artistic and aesthetic work into play, and create wedding dresses that look like timelessly crafted masterpieces. The fashion designers, pattern makers, and seamstresses from the creative house of Watters understand the importance of combining comfort, style, and versatility for all the brides and bridesmaids and share their inspirations and best ideas for creating classic and romantic wedding gowns. 32 years later, even now, Vatana Watters continues to be the heart of the company and sets the right tone of creativity in order to strike as one of the most popular wedding gown designers of all time. The main inspirations and style behind Watters wedding gowns for sale are influenced by Vatana's heritage, desire to reflect the spirit of the times, and the experience on both the coasts. 

While recognizing the designs of each wedding dress from where its starting point rather than its ending, Watters wedding dress collections have its own price range and unique styles that are different from one another. After designing wedding dresses for more than 30 years now, the mother-daughter duo shares their experience on how they are still influenced by so many things around them to create unique bridal couture collections that will be remembered for generations to come. While many of their wedding dress collections are a recollection of details from travels, flowers, vintage finds, books, magazines, media, and of course real brides, some of their inspirations are spurred by runway trends from New York, London, Paris, and Milan while keeping things forever zesty and exciting. After dressing up for a diverse group of brides from all walks of life, Watters wedding dresses value quality and design above everything else, while catering to the various needs of the unique group of brides. The rich silks hand detailing, understated elegance, affordable price point, handcrafted details, beautiful hand beading, and embroidery at the empire are some of the most celebrated touchpoints of this popular and global bridal couture brand.

Watters- bridal fashion collections

Watters wedding dresses belong to four collections in total with each having their own unique style, theme, and price range. The retail price of Watters wedding dresses falls within the $350-$7500 price range. Let us explore some of the most unique and classic Watters wedding dress collections that are known to be creative and imaginative while celebrating the unique essence of femininity and the power of womanhood. The original collection that started everything was named after the brand itself- 'Watters Collection', featured fashionable wedding dresses line filled with one-of-a-kind and effortlessly gorgeous wedding gowns that are known to push the boundaries and embrace uniqueness. Featuring unique lace appliques, lesser-used fabrics and inspired by rarified love, this fascinating and stunning wedding gowns collection is considered to be one of the most loved and adored Watters bridal couture collections. The retail price range for this stunning and diverse bridal dress collection is $1900-$7500.

Launched in the year 1999, the original Wtoo collection by Watters is a line of wedding gowns that features bright, flirty, and feminine bridal gowns and bridesmaid dresses that come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. Embracing uniqueness and sophistication, this unique line of bridal couture from Watters is a mix of elegant ruffled skirts, classic silhouettes, and cutting-edge designs that are punctuated by impressive beading work, intricate lace patterns, and chic designs. This line of bridal gowns is perfect for the romantic and modern bride and her loved bridesmaids, as it brings together an intricate and complex pairing of laces, beadings, and soft fabrics creating minimal but impactful bridal gown designs. The retail price range of this modern feminine collection is $600-$4000.

Another classic range of wedding gown collection, Willowby by Watters is a sister company that is meant for completely free-spirited and boho brides. For all the brides who are looking to have an outdoor wedding or something unique and gorgeous for their wedding day, this diverse and unique collection of bridal gowns ranging in a vibrant and dreamy color palette, intricate patterns, adventurous silhouettes, bold lacing, and beading work are meant for the brides who want to look like a showstopper and celebrity icon on their wedding day. The retail price range of this boho wedding collection is $500-$2500. The latest wedding couture collection that was launched in the spring of 2019 is amazingly pretty and simply gorgeous By Watters collection. All the brides looking for simple elegance and looking to create a minimalist statement on their wedding day, this bridal collection can be perfect for them that is filled with dresses made from breathable and soft fabrics that are meant for swimming under the stars and dancing till it's dawn.

Watters- in pop culture

Known to be one of the most popular wedding gown designers globally, Watters designer gowns have styled many red carpet icons throughout all these years. After working for several social media style influencers, celebrities, and inspirational women, Watters designer dresses continue to strive for creating and giving life to gorgeous dresses, from innovative themes and inspirational ideas. The passionate teams of innovators and creators from the house of Watters, are the main working force behind Watters designer dresses that have graced so many TV shows and movies. After tweaking every idea to perfection, the design team works with the production for creating whimsical and cutting edge designer dresses.

For all the brides who love style influencers and dynamic wedding trends, with a touch of class and sophistication, Watters wedding dresses can be the ultimate destination. And for all the brides in a budget who are looking to celebrate her wedding day in a truly unique way by getting dolled up in a crisp white designer wedding gown can opt for one from the Watters resale collection by Borrowing Magnolia. Get your hands on one of the most coveted and dreamy second-hand Watters wedding dresses, beautifully crafted by one of the most popular and award-winning bridal couture designers across the globe.

Known to be one of the leading edge design revolutionists, your selection of a preloved Watters wedding gown can tell a million stories about your unique sense of style and personality on your wedding day. Creating a statement and making you look like a true celebrity, the classic range of Watters pre-owned romantic bridal gowns will set your day on fire, by making you look like a style statement icon in a purely sophisticated and timeless way.

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